General terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions
The general terms and conditions of the Markaya online store are compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and the Electronic Communications Act (ZeKom-1).

The General Terms and Conditions determine the operation of the Markaya online store, the rights and obligations of the user and the store, and regulate the business relationship between Markaya and the customer. The buyer is bound by the general conditions that are valid at the time of purchase (placing an online order). When placing an order, the user is reminded of the general terms and conditions of business and confirms his / her acquaintance with them by placing an order.

The online store has the right to change the terms of business by updating this post. Such changes to the terms and conditions are binding on the user.

Seller identification

The manager and seller of products in the Markaya online store is the company Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p. (hereinafter referred to as the provider).
Company name: Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p.
Company address and registered office: Industrijska ul. 10, 2230 LENART
Registration number: 6050883000
Tax number: SI77706307
The company is a taxpayer.
TRR SI56 6100 0000 6243 752 (opened at Delavska hranilnica)


Markaya is an online store operated by Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART

A customer is any legal or natural person who has made a purchase in the Markaya online store.

At the end of each purchase, the buyer confirms that he accepts the general terms and conditions published on this page and other published terms and changes, which will be published by the manager on these pages.

The working hours of the company Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART are every working day between 7.00 and 15.00.

The user is any legal or natural person who views and / or purchases content in the online store of the company Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART

A registered user is any natural person who has registered in the online store as a registered user.

The sales offer is an offer represented by the products presented on the web address of the online store.

The language of business is Slovenian. The sales contract between the buyer and the seller is concluded in the Slovenian language.

The supplier is a delivery service employee who delivers the consignment by post to the buyer to whom the goods were sent.


For a successful purchase, customer registration is desirable, but not required. The entered data will be protected in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) and will not be used for any purpose other than the processing of customer orders.

Upon registration in the Markaya online store, the visitor obtains a username and password. By registering, subscribing to e-news or placing an order, the visitor becomes a user. By using the Markaya online store, as well as by logging in and registering on the website, you are deemed to be familiar with the general terms of use as a user and to accept them in full. The General Terms of Use apply to all forms of use of the online store and to all forms of interactive communication provided by the website.

Use of the Website includes, but is not limited to, access to the Website and other content within the Website, use of the Website's features and services, as well as the transfer of files and other content from the Website.

The Markaya website reserves the right to change these general terms of use. The user undertakes to periodically check on the website whether the general terms and conditions have changed. In the event that the user no longer agrees with the changed general terms of use, he must immediately stop using the website. Markaya assumes no responsibility for the failure or closure of the website.

Offer of items and prices

Due to the nature of online business, the offer in the Markaya online store is updated and changed frequently and quickly. All prices in the online store are published in euros (EUR) and are valid until canceled. The price valid for online purchases is presented in the case of 100% payment by proforma invoice, by bank transfer or other means of payment. Markaya online store reserves the right that a certain product is not in stock and can no longer be produced, despite the fact that it is published in the Markaya online store

The company Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART is liable for value added tax. The prices are valid at the time of placing the order and do not have a predetermined validity, they are valid in the case of payment by the above method of payment, under the above conditions.

Discounts, promotional codes, etc. do not add up.

We allow the possibility of error when entering technical specifications of items. The images of the items are partly symbolic. Because the products are sewn by hand, they may deviate minimally from the product in the picture.

For any ambiguities or questions, write to us at:

Delivery times

We sew all products to order. Delivery time is usually up to 14 WORKING days from receiving the payment. If the delivery time is exceptionally longer, we will inform you.

We suggest that you contact us at when ordering products that are not in stock. We will be happy to tell you how long it takes to wait for the desired product.

In the event that an individual product is no longer in stock, we will clearly mark this next to the product image. In this case, you cannot add the product to the cart.
Ordering process

The website presents products that represent the sales offer in the Markaya online store.
Next to each product is a symbolic image of the product and a description of the product. The customer can order products that are displayed in the online store or place an order to make a specific product that is designed according to their wishes.

The customer selects and orders the products available to him in the online store, classified into categories. We accept orders via purchase in the Markaya online store, via e-mail or via our Facebook profile Markaya

Ordering is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all days of the year.

The sales contract between the seller and the buyer is concluded in the Markaya online store at the moment when the seller sends the buyer the first e-mail confirming his order. From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the seller and the buyer.

Ordering products in the online store / purchase process

In the online store, the customer indicates the type and quantity of products he intends to order. He can order different products and quantities of products from the sales offer, then click on the "add to cart" button. He can change the ordered quantities of products in the sales basket at any time or remove individual products from the basket.


On the website, in the upper right corner, there is an icon of the shopping cart, in which the user is shown the products that were added to the shopping cart while browsing the online store. If the user wants to remove an item from the shopping cart, he must click on the cart icon and the cross on the left side of the item.

Once the cart has been updated, you can continue shopping by clicking the "continue to checkout" button.


To complete the order, the user must fill in the required fields:

Discount code
If the user has a valid discount coupon, enter the discount code and press the button labeled "use coupon".

User information
It is necessary to fill in the required contact information, which is marked with a red star (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone, address, postal code, place and country), which we need to confirm and complete the order and delivery of the product.

Delivery address

If the user wants to deliver the package to an address other than the user, check "delivery to another address" and an additional field will open in which all required information is entered, marked with a red asterisk: name, surname, address, zip code, place and country.

Method of payment
The user must select a payment method. You can choose between the following payment methods: payment by UPN (proforma invoice), payment via Paypal or payment by credit or debit card.

Order review
The products that the user added to the shopping cart while browsing the online store are displayed. The price of the product, the cost of delivery and the total cost of payment are shown in the shopping cart before the order is completed.

Completion of the order
By clicking the Finish button, the purchase order is completed and changes are no longer possible. If the order has been successfully completed, the text will be displayed on the website - a confirmation of the order. Other order information is also displayed: order number, order date, final amount with postage and selected payment method.

Within a few minutes after placing the order, the customer receives an e-mail notification of receipt of the order, which details the specification and value of the products.

The seller will review each buyer's order.

In the event that the ordered item is no longer in stock or in the case of a clearly incorrect price of the product, which may result from an error in electronic data transmission, the seller reserves the right to reject the order, offers the buyer to buy a similar, alternative product in stock or proposes to the buyer an order at the currently valid selling price. The buyer can accept the new offer or reject it without any costs and withdraw from the order.

After receiving the payment confirmation, the seller will start making the ordered product, the delivery time of which is up to 14 working days.

Order rejection

The Markaya online store reserves the right to reject an order for which it finds
that it cannot carry it out under the stated conditions and information at its disposal. If the buyer would have already paid according to the proforma invoice, in this case we will transfer all the purchase price, including delivery costs, to his account.

Methods of payment

The provider allows the following methods of payment:

By transfer to the account Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART according to the pro forma invoice. You will receive the information required for the transfer by e-mail after placing the order. The bidder reserves the order until the payment of the pro forma invoice or. no later than 8 days from the order confirmation. Later, it no longer ensures the availability of goods.
By paying via the PayPal System, the website redirects you to the PayPal page where you make the payment.
With a credit card via the STRIPE interface, which takes care of secure transactions.
Issuance of invoice

After sending the ordered items, the bidder sends and issues an invoice to the buyer with a breakdown of costs, in pdf format, to the buyer's e-mail address.
The order is stored in electronic form on the provider's server and is accessible to the customer at any time in his user profile.

Product return / withdrawal from the contract
Product return – general offer

Pursuant to the provision of Article 43.č of the ZVPot, the consumer has the right to notify the company within 14 days of distance or off-premises contracts that he is withdrawing from the contract, without having to state the reason for his decision. In this case, the consumer may be charged only with the costs referred to in the seventh paragraph of Article 43.d of this Act.

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the company shall immediately or no later than 14 days after receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract return all payments received.

In the case of sales contracts, the company may withhold the refund of payments received until the return of the returned goods. Refunds will be made as soon as possible and no later than within 14 days of receipt of the returned goods.

If the consumer has already received the goods and withdraws from the contract, he shall return or hand them over to the company or a person authorized by the company to take over the goods, immediately or no later than 14 days after the notification referred to in Article 43.č. The consumer is considered to return the goods on time if he sends them before the expiry of the 14-day return period.

The consumer is liable for a reduction in the value of the goods if the reduction in value is the result of conduct which is not necessarily necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. The consumer is not responsible for the reduction of the value of the goods if the company does not inform him of the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with point 4 of the first paragraph of Article 43 b.

Return of a custom-made product

The consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract in the case of contracts the subject of which is an article made according to the consumer's precise instructions, adapted to his personal needs and specific wishes (any deviations from standard products found in the Markaya store: adjusted length , width, different choice of goods, printing, personalized products,…).

In the event that the user returns the product, it has already been used / washed and or for hygienic reasons is not suitable for resale, the company Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART can claim compensation.

Complaint / actual error

The consumer may exercise his rights arising from a material defect if he notifies the seller of the defect within two months of the day on which the defect was discovered. The consumer must describe the defect in more detail in the error notice and allow the seller to inspect the thing. The consumer may notify the seller of the defect in person, of which the seller must issue a certificate, or send it to the store where the item was purchased, or to the seller's representative with whom he has concluded a contract. The seller is not liable for material defects in the goods that appear after two years have elapsed since the thing was delivered. Defects in things shall be deemed to have existed at the time of extradition if they occur within six months of extradition. The consumer's rights referred to in the first paragraph shall expire two years from the day on which he informed the seller of the material defect.

If the wrong products are delivered, the customer returns the delivered products and the provider will replace them with the appropriate ones free of charge. In this case, the provider covers the cost of postage. The bidder does not cover the cost of returning the advertised products, if no error was found on the part of the bidder. Originally delivered products can only be returned unused, undamaged and in the same packaging.

Return the originally delivered products unused, undamaged and in the same packaging, adequately protected against damage during transport - packed in packaging suitable for sending textiles.

If the delivered products do not correspond to the properties or. specifications of the ordered products (delivery of defective products), the buyer must notify the provider within eight days from the date of receipt of the product. The company Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART is not responsible for errors that appear after six months have passed since the product was delivered. Consumer or in the error notification, the customer must describe the error in more detail and enable the online store holder and the product manufacturer - Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART to inspect the product. In the case of a material defect, the consumer may, at his choice, request: the rectification of the defect or the refund of the amount paid in proportion to the defect or the replacement of the goods or the refund of the amount paid. More precisely, the right to assert material errors is regulated by the Consumer Protection Act.



The discount code or promotional code brings various benefits when purchasing through the Markaya online store and is limited in time. After this deadline, the discount code is invalid. You can find the active code on the cover page of the advertisement, in Markaya's e-mail or in other media.

When placing an order in the shopping cart, the user can enter a valid discount code in the window prepared for this purpose. When the user enters the discount code, the value of the discount code is automatically deducted from the price of your order. The amount that still needs to be paid remains.

Discounts do not add up.
Only one discount code can be redeemed for one purchase.
The discount code cannot be redeemed for already discounted products.

Various discounts and promotions can take place in Markaya online stores. The most common discounts are discounts for ordering products as part of pre-orders, discounts for sales promotion and discounts related to the sale of stock. Discounts are valid for a certain period of time, unless otherwise written and made public. We reserve the right that a certain product is no longer in stock during the discount period and can no longer be manufactured.

All discounts are clearly stated next to the product itself. Discounts cannot be exchanged for cash payments. If you buy the item before the discounts, you are not entitled to additional discounts, even if the same products are discounted.

Data security

The owner of the Markaya website, the company Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš sp, Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART, ensures the protection of personal data, which will be used exclusively for the purpose of informing about the progress of the order to inform about new products and promotions. The owner guarantees that the data of visitors and users will be used only for the purpose of the smooth flow of orders and will not be passed on to a third party.
In case of problems or. ambiguities in the use of the website, the website owner reserves the right to contact the consumer through means of distance communication.
By registering, the visitor allows the site owner to collect and use the personal data they enter during registration. All information provided by the visitor during registration is intended only for the business of the provider, which is not provided for other purposes or to a third party. We permanently store the data entered by the visitor upon registration in a computer system that is adequately secured and protected.

We are not responsible for any "intrusion" into the computer system!

Communication with the user

Markaya will contact the user via means of distance communication only if the user does not explicitly object to this. It can also use user data for the purposes of internal market research and informing customers about news and promotions in the online store

Advertising emails will contain the following components:

will be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertising messages,
the sender will be clearly visible,
the various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be marked as such, and the conditions for participating in them will be clearly defined,
the method of unsubscribing from receiving advertising messages will be clearly presented,
the user's wish not to receive advertising messages will be explicitly respected by Markaya.

By using the Markaya online store, you agree to the use of cookies on your browser. They are stored on your disk and provide a better user experience on the website (which products you have added to the cart, whether you are already logged in, which settings you have selected, etc.)
Cookies are not dangerous. They are not computer programs and cannot affect the operation of your computer. While browsing the website, cookies are loaded into the browser, through which our advertising partner allows us to re-advertise the link to visitors on other websites. The service does not collect or store any personal information.

Intellectual property

The Markaya online store is owned by the company Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART and with it also all contents, logos, photographs and other audiovisual and textual works. All the mentioned elements are thus the subject of intellectual property, with which the company Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART has the only right to dispose of the rights to all content on the portal. The user of the website has the right to access the website, and the registered user, in addition to the right to access the website, also has the right to use activities that he can use as a registered user. By accessing the website, the user is allowed to use the content of the website for a limited, non-exclusive and only for private purposes under the conditions set out in these general terms of use. Any other reproduction or other use of any element on the portal or for any other purpose, including commercial use, or for third parties is prohibited without the prior written consent of Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš s.p., Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART

Notification and e-news

By subscribing to the e-news, the user agrees that we inform him about news and promotions on our website. The provider undertakes not to misuse or pass on the user's e-mail address to a third party in any way. The user can unsubscribe from receiving news at any time.
Limitation of Liability

The provider makes every effort to ensure the up-to-dateness and correctness of the information published on its pages. Nevertheless, product features, delivery time or price may change so quickly that the provider fails to correct the information on the websites. In such a case, the provider will notify the customer of the changes and allow him to withdraw from the order or replace the ordered item.

The provider reserves the right to change the terms of business at any time and in any way, for any reason and without prior notice.

Complaints and disputes

Markaya complies with applicable European consumer protection legislation. The company makes every effort to fulfill its duty to establish an effective complaint handling system and to designate a person with whom, in the event of problems, the customer can contact by e-mail.

Markaya strives to the best of its ability to resolve any disputes amicably.

In the case of judicial settlement of disputes, the court having jurisdiction over the consumer's domicile has jurisdiction.

The mission of the store is satisfied customers and products in regular use. We are always available at the e-mail, where we will be happy to help you resolve your doubts and questions.

Delivery and postage

We ship every WORKING day. Delivery for the online store is performed by Pošta Slovenije.

Each order placed through the Markaya store system will be processed within three business days of placing the order. In the event that this is not possible for any reason, we will notify you.

Your order will go into production when we receive payment confirmation for the ordered products. Delivery time is up to 14 working days from payment.

When the products are ready, the package will be sent or. ready to take over. If delivery is not possible within the delivery time or would be made early, Markaya store informs the buyer. The delivery partner is POŠTA SLOVENIJE, but the provider reserves the right to choose another delivery service if it will be able to fulfill the order more efficiently.

The delivery amount depends on the purchase amount. When paying over € 100, postage is not charged and is covered by MiniBini. Postage or delivery costs in Slovenia amount to € 3.5, and delivery costs to other European countries € 8. Pošta Slovenije calculates the cost of the commission.



Provider Šiviljstvo Mar, Nejc Markuš sp, Industrijska ulica 10, 2230 LENART (hereinafter Markaya) appreciates the confidentiality of personal data and privacy of users of this website and online store, and therefore carefully protects their data, even from intrusion by third parties, which ensures users carefree and smooth business with the provider.

The controller guarantees that your personal data will be processed only for the purposes with which you expressly consent. Consent to the transfer of personal data is voluntary, and you can revoke your consent at any time in the same way as you gave it. In the event that you do not provide personal data or or. if you revoke the consent, the personal data controller cannot fulfill the purpose for which the data is collected.

In relation to your personal data, you have:

- the right of access to data,
- the right to rectification,
- the right to erasure ("right to be forgotten"),
- the right to limit processing,
- the right to object
- and the right to data portability.
We use the provided personal data for the purposes of informing about the benefits, activities, services and events of the controller. Data for this purpose are processed until the consent is revoked.

We use purchasing data and personal data provided for the purpose of informing about special occasion benefits and sending customized offers via email and customizing online ads for re-targeting on digital advertising platforms (Facebook, AdWords…) in order to present all our services and additional offers. As part of the preparation of a customized offer, segmentation is performed on the basis of the data defined above, data on the operator's websites visited (if you as an individual agreed to this when visiting the website) and your purchases made. We will process the data for this purpose until your revocation of consent.

To exercise the aforementioned rights or. If you have any complaints, please contact the authorized person for personal data protection in the controller's company at the e-mail address

The data is stored until your cancellation or. as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data is collected and then delete, destroy, block or. anonymize.

The controller undertakes to process and protect the data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The provider undertakes to permanently protect and collect and process all personal data of the user in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection.
The provider also ensures the security of the purchase by taking into account all applicable legal obligations and recommendations of the Slovenian and international consumer associations.

Protection of personal data

The provider collects, manages, processes and stores the following user data for the purposes of providing its services:
- name and surname;
- address and place of residence and delivery address;
- date of birth;
- email address (username);
- password in encrypted form;
- contact telephone number;
- country of residence;
- other data that the user enters voluntarily in the forms in the online store;
- other data that the user voluntarily adds later in his profile;
- the IP address from which the user accesses the website;
- time and date of registration;
- communication archive;
- information on the content of the order.

The provider is not responsible for the correctness, completeness and up-to-dateness of the data entered by the user.

Data provided by the user on the website or. for the purposes of online purchase or otherwise via e-mail, they are confidential and are treated in accordance with the applicable Slovenian legislation.

When purchasing in the online store, the user gives his explicit consent that the provider may process for the needs of segmented and targeted marketing all data stored about the user and obtained during his purchases, concluding contracts or other forms of interaction with the customer. The company will protect the obtained data and prevent their violations and misuse, all in accordance with applicable law.

Personal data will only be used for the purposes for which the user has given his consent and for the provision of services offered by the company. If the user does not give the consent referred to in the previous paragraph, the purchase in the online store is not possible.

The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by ensuring the security of his username and password and the appropriate software (anti-virus) protection of his information system or. electronic devices.

With personal consent, the user simultaneously agrees and authorizes the provider as a personal data controller to provide the collected personal data for the above purposes to contractual partners in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia with whom he has concluded contracts on personal data processing and who process data on behalf of the provider .

The data of the customers of the online store are provided to third parties only in the event that they are necessary for the execution of the order procedure and payment processing. The provider will entrust the delivery service only with the necessary information for the delivery of the products purchased in the online store (name and surname of the user and the delivery address). If the customer chooses the method "Payment on account", the provider cooperates with Delavska hranilnica d.d. regarding the course of payment. The data is used by third parties exclusively for the fulfillment of their obligations in accordance with the execution of the order and payment procedure.

The bidder undertakes not to pass on the data to third parties (who do not participate in the order execution and payment processing process), except to the extent required by applicable law, if required to do so by the state authorities, or in good faith, that such action is necessary for proceedings before courts or other state authorities and for the protection and realization of the legitimate interests of the tenderer.

By checking the blank box, the user confirms that he is aware of all relevant rights such as: the right to view, transcribe, copy, correct, block and delete his personal data, in accordance with applicable law.

The user may at any time revoke the consent to send advertising material and notification of innovations in the offer and the provider's business. Cancellation can be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address Unsubscribe is also possible by clicking on each electronic sending of advertising messages. Any changes to his data can be corrected by the user in his user profile or sent to the provider by e-mail to the e-mail address visits to the website, pages visited) are automatically recorded. This information is used by the provider to measure the popularity of its website and to improve the quality of the content and usability.

The provider will keep the personal data of users only for as long as is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which the personal data is collected and managed, all in accordance with applicable law.